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Litecast: Big 12 Champs and Basketball Blues

Let’s focus on football for as long as we can.

Iowa State won the Big 12 and the Litecast crew is overjoyed. The guys break down the destruction of West Virginia and how great a position Matt Campbell’s squad is heading into the Big 12 championship game. We also get a little into the big picture impact of what a championship game appearance means for the program, and the way we’re set up for success into the future.

Unfortunately, football is not the only sport in season at this point, so we had to discuss the opening of the men’s basketball season. We try to pinpoint the biggest issues with the team (there might be a lot) and since it’s rivalry week, we took some shots at the TOE because we can. The women’s team gives us more reasons for optimism, so we recapped the home loss to #1 South Carolina a bit as well. Thanks to the listeners as always for supporting this program and to Es Tas Bar & Grill for sponsoring!