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The Mid Morning Dump: Holy Hoth It’s Cold

Warm up today with all your necessary Cyclone info

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NIGHTMARE ON WELCH AVE as the new look Cyclones begin to live in a reality without Tyrese Haliurton.

GOOD NEWS FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE BAD NEWS as here are the lowlights from last night’s game against OU:

ONE BRIGHT SPOT SO FAR — here’s another video of 2020 recruit TJ Tampa (football recruit that is) throwing down a hammer dunk:

THROUGH THE UPRIGHTS AND GOOD as Campbell and his team land graduate kicker, Alex Probert, formerly of Liberty.

ASHLEY JOENS STILL HAS NO REGARD FOR LIFE as she and the Twister Sisters continue to roll along in Big 12 play.

THE WRESTLING TEAM HAS A BIG WEEKEND ahead of itself, here’s Coach Kevin Dresser on what’s ahead for the Grappling Squad:

STOP. IN THE NAME OF BUD. When was the last time there was a discussion about former Cyclone David Irving? Well in case you were wondering what he was up to...

BIG GAME MONTE decided last night was his time to shine and had a few select words for “The King”

CHICAGO HAS A HISTORY OF GREAT BASKETBALL and Michigan’s Juwan Howard was no exception, in fact growing up on Chicago’s South Side truly molded him.

ZION IS NINE GAMES INTO HIS CAREER and already the Pelicans rookie has begun to start a change in the way basketball is played.

THE XFL HAS NO MARGIN FOR ERROR as just after the first week, DC Pepper Johnson was relieved of duties.

FULL HOUSE IS ON THE MOVE as Phil Rivers enters the free agent market, bringing along not just himself but his entire starting 11 of a family.