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The Mid Morning Dump: Don’t Lose Hope Yet

Being the powerhouse school we are, there’s always something else to throw your support behind.

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THE IOWA STATE WOMEN’S basketball team continued their success this year with one of the programs biggest wins against Texas in decades.

ITS WATCH LIST SEASON Ashley Joens is making waves throughout the college basketball world as she receives a big honor.

AS TIGHT AS IT GETS It’s no secret, ISU football is Tight End U. Here’s what the process god said when asked about the pro potential of the best TE core in the nation.

RUN FAST TURN LEFT We’ve got one of the best indoor track teams in the country, and this weekend Ames will play host to their competitors.

GET OUT OF HIS WAY During one of the best NBA games this season, Jayson Tatum damn near killed a man.

IT’S ABOUT TIME One of my favorite players of all time is finally getting his jersey retired by the Boston Celtics.

IF ONLY THEY WERE THIS GOOD AT APOLOGIZING The Astros tried, and very much failed at apologizing for one of the biggest cheating scandals in sports history.

3 POINT SPECIALIST Steven Adams is basically Ray Allen.