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Game Preview: We’re Talkin’ KU Part II

We ain’t scared. Let’s go.

NCAA Basketball: Kansas at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Last Time Out

A first half that was lead to crushing twenty point lead at the break led Kansas to a 79-53 rout of the Clones. Iowa State was led by Rasir Bolton and his 12 points while Kansas was led by Devon Dotson and his 20 point effort. The game was bad, this very well could also go the same way tonight.

About Texas

Kansas is good. Very good I would say, and that doesn’t mean Iowa State doesn’t stand a punchers chance because honestly who the hell knows with this team.

Kansas comes into tonights match up with a ten-game win streak and just finished a dismantling of Oklahoma in Phog Allen this last Saturday. They Jayhawks have looked like world beaters this season and very well could (barring any of the usual choking they do late in the season) be poised to make a run come March.

Player To Watch

Devon Dotson torched the Clones in the last match up and more than likely is looking to improve his draft stock tonight again against a Haliburton-less Iowa State squad. But for my money the player to watch will be Azubuike. As a guy who very well could have some great NBA talent down the road, tonight could be the chance he needs to really showcase his talent against a weaker team.

What Will Happen

To be honest with everyone — I absolutely bet Iowa State to win tonight. I don’t know, call it a cosmic feeling. Call it some weird sense of loyalty or maybe I just am Mush from ‘Bronx Tale’ and I don’t know how to pick a winner. More than likely Iowa State gets crushed and the next week is spent arguing about how this team has no fight.

But what if.

What if Iowa State comes into this knowing they have nothing to lose, knowing they have nothing to fear. What if Iowa State plays junk defense to throw off Dotson and Azubuike has an off night with the double match up of Conditt and Young? What if Bolton gets hot again and Tre finds his stroke consistently?

I’m not calling my shot here (I already did that with my wallet) but what I am saying is that there’s a chance for anything to happen.

But what probably will is we get boat raced by twenty again.

Pick Three

1- Bolton scores an empty 25 points on 11/25 shooting.

2- Jacobson regresses from the outstanding game he had a week ago and posts 4 pts, 1 rebound and 3 assists.

3- Terrence Lewis gets limited minutes again and makes everyone frustrated about it.

Game Notes

The Matchup: Iowa State (11-14, 4-8 Big 12) vs. Kansas (22-3, 11-1 Big 12)

Where: Lawrence, Kansas Phog Allen Field House (16,300)

When: Monday, Feb. 17, 8 p.m. (CST)

Radio: Cyclone Radio Network/TuneIn RadioTalent: John Walters (PxP), Eric Heft (Analyst)


Webcast: WatchESPN

Sirius/XM/Internet: 84/84/84 (internet)

Live Stats: