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The Mid Morning Dump: Warmer Weather Ahead

I wrote this while wrapped up in seven layers praying to the sun gods that the frigid temperatures finally end.

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COLD WEATHER BUT WARM HEARTS Not much happened in the way of Iowa State news on Thursday, but we got to see some of the best pups in the country.

GOLF SEASON? Despite the fact that it feels like the next ice age is upon us, ISU golf showed us what they can do at the The Prestige at PGA West.

WARM THE BATS UP Cyclone Softball heads to South Carolina for the Gamec*ck invitational, check out everything you need to know here.

HUMAN HIGHLIGHT REAL Our own Talen Horton-Tucker has been a highlight machine in the G-League this year.

MAKE YOUR MARK Adrian Camber came to Ames all the way from Sweden, she spoke briefly about why she was comfortable doing so.

STEPH CURRY 2.0 Trae Young has been nothing short of sensational this year, and last night he bodied the Heat for a 50 piece.

KYRIE? MORE LIKE BYE-RIE Kyrie Irving’s debut season with the Nets has been interesting to say the least, here’s what type of impact his season ending shoulder surgery will have.

NO FUN LEAGUE The NFL’s new proposal for a 17 game regular season as well as change of playoff format has some people confused on whether or not they thought this all the way through.

STAY OFF THE DAMN WEED Browns OL Greg Robinson was arrested for a Kyler Murray size amount of marijuana, these are the details.

NFL COACHING CAROUSEL It can be hard to keep track of all the hiring and firing that goes on during an NFL off-season, luckily there are people who will keep track of it for us.