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The Mid-Morning Dump: 2/24

RIP Kobe and Gianna

TECH SWEEPS STATE Texas Tech had it rolling against the Cyclones. They hung a 30 point win against the men, and winning a close one against the women on Sunday, both in Hilton.

SAMI (SOSA) WILLIAMS Sami Williams broke the Iowa State career home runs record early in her senior year.

STATE WRESTLING While high school state wrestling was going on 30 minutes south this weekend, Iowa State won its dual against NDSU on Sunday 22-16. It was a school record 7th conference win.

2/24 A memorial was held in Staples Center yesterday remembering Kobe and Gianna Bryant. Vanessa Bryant, Shaq, and Michael Jordan all gave incredible speeches.

UDOKA AZU-BEAST-IE Learn how to spell this man’s name come March. He’s a monster and I’m not sure if there’s a player in college who can effectively defend him, or score on him. He did this to the #1 Baylor Bears in Waco. NPOY.

SMALL HANDS Happy national small hands week! It’s the time of year sports pundits assure you that certain QB’s at the combine will assure you if 22 year olds will be in the HoF or not due to hand size. Seems legit.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK This one comes from the West Coast. Snoop Dogg back up in the heezy baby. B**** Please. (NSFW... obviously)