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Iowa State Holds Off TCU Comeback

We... won?

Texas Tech v Iowa State Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images

Big 12 basketball fans were treated to a little men’s lacrosse on ESPN U pregame. Virginia, the 6th ranked team in the country, found themselves tied in the 4th (quarter?) of the game before they pulled away late from the High Point Panthers. UVA won by 3, 18-15.

And if you’re not here for a lacrosse recap, a basketball game between Iowa State and TCU also took place tonight. This one would get off to an electric start. Tre Jackson was playing the role of ‘he’ll be good in a few years’ as he got off to a crazy hot 4-5 start from three point land.

On the inside Solomon Young was giving a clinic on low post play. He had 16 points, and the Jackson-Young dynamic duo stretched the lead to as much as 18, early in the second half. And then, inexplicably, Iowa State abandoned everything that was working for them quicker than a deadbeat dad.

Solomon Young, and Tre Jackson only had two shot attempts in the first ten minutes of the second half. TCU stormed back while Young and Jackson’s looks dropped off dramatically. Desmond Bane played a big part in the comeback. No doubt TCU’s best player, ended the game with 22 points and 11 rebounds.

All of the sudden what was looking like a no doubt win, the Cyclones found themselves down 55-53. Solomon Young wouldn’t score in the second half until the four minute mark.

Tyrese Halliburton’s leadership was severely missed during the second half. Terrence Lewis’ number was never called once. Perentiss Nixon, and Caleb Grill both struggled mightily during TCU’s fever pitch comeback that put the frogs up with under five minutes to play.

And wouldn’t you know it, the Cyclones went to Solomon Young late, and they found success on the offensive end. Solomon Young had some great looks in the final minutes, and had things cooking in his kitchen.

The final minute both teams were tied at 59. Bolton drove hard to the basket made two free throws, giving the Cyclones a 61-59 lead. PJ Fuller would miss a bucket on the other end, Young ripped down a rebound. Tre Jackson would nail two free throws that put Iowa State up by two possessions.


Caleb Grill would cap off a much needed victory for this Cyclone team that had lost their last two games by a combined 50 points. Grill would end regulation with a missed dunk, gold.

Iowa State is back in action this Saturday at Oklahoma State. Come to Whiskey River with us and Cyclone Fanatic in Ankeny for a game watch this weekend.