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So, Matt Thomas Got Dapped Up By Drake.

Is Matt Toronto’s newest rising star? Also I broke Cyclone Twitter for a minute.

Milwaukee Bucks v Toronto Raptors Photo by Ron Turenne/NBAE via Getty Images

So... This happened last night:

What’s the big deal, right? Who cares that Matt Thomas is catching five from one of the biggest Canadian musicians since Neil Young?

Well to you naysayer, I say this — This is the photograph equivalent of shotgunning three straight Red Bulls and injecting yourself with literal adrenaline à la Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction.

This photo to me, as a hip hop head and Iowa State fan essentially is my Mona Lisa. It should be painted on a wall in my house as if it were my own private Sistine Chapel. If I could make a Fathead solely of this photo, it would be on its way right this moment.

But my own love for this needs to be put aside.

What’s interesting more so than just this photo is the quiet run Matt has put together since signing with the Raptors this off-season.

Since coming stateside after a stint overseas after graduation, Thomas has managed to find himself in 27 out of 58 games for Toronto this season. Of those games in which Thomas has played, he’s averaged five points on ten minutes played.

“Five points?? How is that special??,” says the comments section.

Well, did I mention that those ten points have come off of a 51% clip from beyond the arc, oh yeah and also with an eFG% (effective field goal percentage) of .699?

On Thomas’ 2.4 attempts per game from three point land, he’s making an average of 1.3 of those shots. Matt’s ability to dial in from range has led to many in Toronto to garner some excitement about his play.

What’s even more exciting for someone like Matt is the situation he finds himself in with Toronto. The Raptors have a great track record of taking guys who were overlooked (Pascal Siakam) or not looked at at all (Fred VanVleet) and turning them into not just substantial contributors but All-Stars and even potential Superstars.

Homegrown Iowa boy, Nick Nurse, clearly has a vision for this team and has the chops to put players in a position for success for the franchise.

In the last six games which Thomas has played in he’s averaged a +/- of +20 on only 9 minutes of play. His shooting was 15/24 behind the three point line in that same span and currently holds a win share average of 1.0.

While all of this may not seem like it is a lot for the 25 year old shooting guard, these are signs of someone with a lot of potential for Toronto in the season and years to come.

And while it may seem dorky for my little beloved corner of Twitter to get excited and hyped up over something as silly as a picture, right now these are the kinds of things we need to be excited about.

While the program itself may be in a bit of an awkward phase, at least we can be proud of the product we’ve put out in years past and those that represent the Cardinal and Gold in every league all over the world.

Plus this is almost a given to happen: