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The Mid Morning Dump: I’m Too Hot Edition

My 24 hour heater has yet to cool

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FIRE UP THE GRILL BECAUSE IT’S TIME TO COOK — Caleb Grill had himself a night.

JEFF GRAYER MAY BE A CLONE AT HEART but against TCU he’s quite split.

PROSPECTS TO DROOL OVER — Are Bollers and Fidone two recruits to fantasize over?


THE MAT RATS have a few new freshman to meet:

KOFI COCKBURN is making a huge splash in the Big 10, while also making a bid for one of the best players in the nation.

MUCH TO MY CHAGRIN — Kyle Lowry has been named to the “Makes shit happen” All Star team.

NBA COACH OF THE YEAR RACE IS HEATING UP and there’s a few rules you may not realize.

WOLVES FANS SHOULD BE VERY HAPPY right about now with the acquiring of D’Angelo Russell:

ALSO IF YOU HAVENT READ MY PIECE ON DRAKE giving a five to Matt Thomas — Go read it here.