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The Mid Morning Dump: Our Players Are Smarter

Not that many W’s on the court this season but plenty of them in the classroom.

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THE SMARTEST STARTING 5 YOU CAN FIND 5 Cyclones made the Academic All-Big 12 team this season.

SNAP MAN GETS PAID Steven Wirtel put up 19 on the bench press at the NFL combine, check out how he was graded here. Or watch him for yourself.

ONE FOR THE FUTURE Iowa State landed a 3 star QBs commitment yesterday, make sure to show him some love before he gets here.

ANOTHER ONE FOR THE FUTURE Lexi Donarski is the Cyclone Women’s Basketball programs best recruit in history, and she’s getting ready to put her skills on display.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Our own Cyclone Larry showed some possible logo changes for the hardwood in Hilton, which do you think is best?

I personally lean towards #3.

PUNTERS ARE PEOPLE TOO A punter, yes that’s right a PUNTER put up a godly 25 reps on the bench press at the combine yesterday.

ZOOM ZOOM If you weren’t already aware, Henry Ruggs III is really fast. But yesterday at the combine he showed out for all to see.

JUST RETIRE ALREADY As time goes on, more and more speculation arises on whether Thomas Brady will stay in New England, or find a new home.

CHEATERS SOMETIMES PROSPER So far during the MLB’s Spring Training, the Astros have been thrown at more than Tracy Henderson in the 80’s. This is how some teams tried to stop the Astros before the MLB got involved.