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A “Leap” in the Right Direction

The very first men’s basketball win came 112 years ago today.

Thayer, Ralph McElhinney, H.M. Case, F.W. Law, H.S. Luberger, Fuhrmeister and Howard Herbert.

If you had to guess right now, who was our first men’s basketball win against?

Drake. Did you guess Drake? If so, well done, have an internet cookie (or see you at the game watch later today?).

Anyways, our first win came at home against Drake as these two Des Moines Register (Feb. 26 and 29 respectively) clippings show.

The Cyclones, who had been practicing for just over three weeks dropped their “season” opener to Kansas 53-35 and Drake had their lone win of the season against Central 19 days prior.

I can’t find a halftime score but I do know the final was 36-16, or 36-17 according to the 1909 Bomb. The captain, H.S. Luberger, had seven field goals and six free throws made in the win.

How did Iowa State do on the other six times they’ve played on February 29th? Not particularly well, only winning two games on this date since 1960:

1952 - 53-49 loss to Missouri in the Big Seven Holiday Tournament

1960 - 92-69 win over Missouri in the Big Seven Holiday Tournament

1984 - 85-63 loss at Oklahoma State

1992 - 96-70 loss at Oklahoma

2012 - 78-72 loss at #7 Missouri

2016 - 58-50 win against Oklahoma State when this happened

Oklahoma State v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images