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The Mid Morning Dump: The Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl Champions

Too bad Patty lost in Ames 66-10.

ANOTHER TOUGH ONE The Cyclones played well for 36 minutes but ended up losing 72-68 in Austin.

‘CROOTIN A big pickup for the Clones!

TWISTER SISTERS FALL The Women’s team lost to the Mountaineers 79-71 after a big comeback.

NOT IOWA STATE RELATED This article I wrote about my friend who passed two years ago today isn’t related to Iowa State, but in case you missed it I’ll leave the link here.

THEY’VE BEEN WAITING A LONG TIME The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl and are going to party like no other.

66-10 A number that will probably haunt Patrick Mahomes forever.

TOUCHING A great tribute to Kobe in the Lakers first game since the accident.

BIG GAME Monte is showing out in his starting opportunity!

EN FUEGO Dame Lillard is on a mission right now and it’s scary.