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Iowa State MBB Analytics Report - Week 13 (2/3/20)

215 days until football season.

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You can read last week’s analytics report here.

Last Week’s Notable Iowa State Game News:

Jan. 29th: Iowa State (9-10) (2-4): 53 vs. #1 Baylor (17-1) (6-0): 67

The Cyclones began their week hosting the number one team in all the land. I’ll admit, that this game as just flat out frustrating to watch. Iowa State wasn’t able to get anything going offensively, as there was not a single Cyclone player to record an offensive rating over 100. In a game where Baylor shot 4/20 from behind the three point line, it is upsetting to know that ISU was not able to take advantage of that.

Baylor’s offensive rebounded is what killed the Cyclones. The combination of Freddie Gillespie and Mark Vital entered the game as one of the best rebounded duos in the country. They proved why Wednesday night, as they combined for eight offensive rebounds and 18 total. Iowa State simply put, just got out physically played all night and nobody other than Rasir Bolton made a three point shot.

Feb. 1st: Iowa State (9-11) (2-5) @ Texas (13-7) (3-4)

Steve Prohm decided to go with a new starting five, in the Cyclone’s trip to Austin, Texas. Four of the starters remained unchanged, but Tre Jackson entered the lineup for Prentiss Nixon. The Cyclones were able to keep this game close for quite a while. Tyrese Haliburton had an incredibly efficient game–shooting 5/8 for 14 points. Solomon Young had a great game as he finished with 13 points and six rebounds in only 24 minutes of play.

This was Iowa State’s best overall game in quite a while, as they won the three point battle for once–shooting 58.3% compared to Texas’ 46.7%. Ultimately ISU performed very well on offense, but they just weren’t able to string consistent stops together down the stretch, while Donovan Williams and Jericho Sims were making big plays for the Cyclones.

Notable Iowa State Team Stats:

  • Currently 72nd ranked team in the country on KenPom *(compared to 64th last week)
  • 38th in adjusted offensive efficiency (110.9) *(34th last week)
  • 133rd in adjusted defensive efficiency (100.5) *(124th last week)

Notable Iowa State Individual Stats:

  • George Conditt IV is 59th in the country in Offensive Rebounding Percentage (12.9%) *51st last week
  • George Conditt IV is 18th in the country in BLK% (11.58%) *16th last week

  • Tyrese Haliburton is 82nd in the country in Offensive Rating (121.1) *71st last week
  • Tyrese Haliburton is 68th in the country in effective field goal percentage (60.4%) *65th last week
  • Tyrese Haliburton is 34th in the country in Assist Rate (35.0%) *27th last week
  • Tyrese Haliburton is 62nd in the country in Steal Percentage (3.70%) *49th last week
  • Tyrese Haliburton is 70th in the country in True Shooting Percentage (62.7%) *77th last week
  • Tyrese Haliburton is 3rd in the country in Offensive Box Plus Minus (9.0) *4th last week
  • Tyrese Haliburton is 10th in the country in APG (6.8) *8th last week

  • Prentiss Nixon is 62nd in the country in Turnover Percentage (9.9%) *92nd

**no other ISU player is ranked in the top 100 of any major statistical category.**

Player by Player Efficiency:

  • Tyrese Haliburton (40 MPG)—> 20.1 USG%/25.8 PER WS: 3.7 (D+/-): [3.1]

*last week: (40 MPG) (20.1/26.1) WS: 3.4 (D+/-): [3.1]

  • Rasir Bolton (32.5 MPG)—> 26.3 USG%/16.8 PER WS: 1.8 (D+/-): [-0.8]

*(35.5 MPG) (25.5/17.7) WS: 1.8 (D+/-): [-0.9]

  • Tre Jackson (29.5 MPG)—> 13.4 USG%/7.5 PER WS: 0.4 (D+/-): [1.6]

*(10 MPG) (14.1/8.1) WS: 0.4 (D+/-): [1.7]

  • Zion Griffin (22 MPG)—> 17.1 USG%/14.7 PER WS: 0.6 (D+/-): [0.7]

*(11.5 MPG) (18.6/15.2) WS: 0.5 (D+/-): [0.1]

  • Michael Jacobson (22 MPG)—> 18.2 USG%/12.6 PER WS: 0.9 (D+/-): [0.2]

*(16 MPG (17.7/13.6) WS: 1.0 (D+/-): [0.2]

  • Solomon Young (21.5 MPG)—> 22.5 USG%/20.7 PER WS: 1.5 (D+/-): [1.1]

*(27.0 MPG) (22.3/21.4) WS: 1.4 (D+/-): [1.1]

  • Prentiss Nixon (16.5 MPG)—> 18.2 USG%/9.5 PER WS: 0.9 (D+/-): [0.5]

*(23 MPG) (18.1/9.6) WS: 0.8 (D+/-): [0.5]

  • George Conditt IV (9.5 MPG)—> 22.4 USG%/25.0 PER WS: 1.5 (D+/-): [6.0]

*(13 MPG) (22.7/25.8) WS: 1.5 (D+/-): [6.5]

  • Caleb Grill (5 MPG)—> 13.7 USG%/5.6 PER WS: 0.1 (D+/-): [1.0]

*(13.5 MPG) (14.7/5.7) WS: 0.1 (D+/-): [1.0]

  • Terrence Lewis (1 MPG)—> 18.9 USG%/20.8 PER WS: 0.5 (D+/-): [-2.0]

*(22 MPG) (18.9/20.8) WS: 0.5 (D+/-): [-2.0]

Previewing Week 14 for Iowa State:

Feb. 5th: Iowa State (9-12) (2-6) @ #13 West Virginia (17-4) (5-3)

Iowa State opens the week, heading to Morgantown. This year’s Mountaineers are a classic Bob Huggins coached team. Their leading scorer is Oscar Tshiebwe who is averaging only 11.2 points, but also 9.2 rebounds. The key to this game for the Cyclones will be limiting their own turnovers, as West Virginia is ranked as the second team in the country in defensive efficiency according to

An area to attack would be on West Virginia’s offensive ends, as they only are the 42nd ranked team in the country in offensive efficiency. Iowa State will need to play nearly a perfect game as the Mountaineers have quietly been one of the best teams in the country this season.

Feb. 8th: Iowa State (9-12) (2-6) vs. Kansas State (9-12) (2-6)

Iowa State close out the week, hosting the Wildcats from Kansas State. K-State comes in as the 85th overall ranked team in the country according to The Cyclones are at the point where every game is nearly a “must-win” if they want to have any chance of playing in a postseason tournament. This game is a must win just for the pride of the program.

The Wildcats leading scorer is Xavier Snead who is averaging 14.4 points per contest. They’re ranked as one of the lowest power five schools in offensive efficiency as they rank 181st overall in the country. This will be a game of two very differing play styles, but there is no reason that Iowa State should not win, as they are the clearly more talented team.