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The Mid Morning Dump: Mahomes goes to Disney World

Hi, I’m not Jared Larson.

TJ Bollers Comes to Town 4-star defensive end TJ Bollers tweeted out some pictures of his visit at Iowa State. He’s definitely a key target for the upcoming recruiting class.

MAHOMES IN DISNEY WORLD The Super Bowl MVP was fast tracked to Orlando the day after his 31-20 victory over the San Francisco 49ers. More surprising, the Power and Light district wasn’t burned to the ground Sunday night.

NBA TRADE DEADLINE D’Angelo Russell, Clint Capela, Aaron Gordon, and Derrick Rose have all been in trade rumors leading up to the NBA deadline come Thursday. Woj bombs incoming.

GOOD TEAMS WIN, GREAT TEAMS COVER Baylor beat Kansas State by 6, the line was Baylor -7. Even worse, Baylor missed two free throws in the final seconds. One would’ve pushed, two would’ve covered. You got zero, that’s a bad beat word to Stanford Steve.

EL BACHELOR Bachelor twitter stays undefeated. Make sure to check out this weeks Litecast and here the boys dive into some bachelor talk.

A FAREWELL TO JARED LARSON’S TUESDAY DUMP Pitter patter, Larson. NSFW and stay off the Jonny Redeye kids.