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The Mid Morning Dump: Trade Deadline Edition

Hopefully your favorite team doesn’t overpay today

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WITH THE LOSS LAST NIGHT Iowa States match up Saturday comes with stakes higher than usual in a game against Kansas State.

WE’VE GOT TO DO IT OURSELVES say’s Tyrese Haliburton because “no superhero is coming to save us.”

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT LAST NIGHT here are some low lights from the game in Morgantown:

COACH FENNELLY AND THE WOMEN’S TEAM took home a big W over Okalahoma State last night with Joens continuing her reign of terror on the Big 12.

KEVIN DRESSER AND THE WRESTLING TEAM head to Norman Saturday for another big match up, here’s Dresser talking about the dual:

TODAY IS THE NBA TRADE DEADLINE and the Timberwolve’s have a lot on their plate to keep their superstar, Karl-Anthony Towns happy.

SAN DIEGO STATE CONTINUES IT’S UNDEFEATED STREAK and now National Title hopes are what they have their sights set on.

FOOTBALL SEASON ISN’T OVER YET because the XFL is starting up this week and here’s everything you need to know for the return of it.

ANDRE IGOUDALA IS KIND OF A DICK so Memphis sent him to the Miami Heat in a three team deal.