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The Mid Morning Dump: Ticket Time

Tickets for the 2020 football season are now on sale.

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GET EM’ WHILE THEY’RE HOT Get on the jump for next years football tickets that are now on sale.

ANOTHER ONE Marial Shayok adds to the ever growing list of Cyclones to score in an NBA game.

*Error 404 Hawkeyes in the NBA not found*

BIG THINGS TO COME Iowa State football has put together an impressive recruiting class going into next year, here’s where it ranked among the Big 12.

ROAD TEST Going into Oklahoma ranked 18th in the country, Cyclone wrestling looks to continue its impressive season.

PLEASE JOIN THE DUNK CONTEST At the ripe age of 35, LeBron James shows he’s still got bounce.

That’s a museum worthy photo.

QB FRENZY Many of the NFL’s best Quarterbacks are going to be looking for new homes for next season, who knows where they’ll end up?

WHAT HAPPENS NOW? The dust has finally settled on another hectic NBA trade deadline, some teams did well, others didn’t.

FEAR NOT FOOTBALL FANS If you’re not a basketball fan like me, the NFL season ending can suck. However, the XFL is just getting started.