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The Mid Morning Dump: Everything is Cancelled

With COVID-19 continuing to spread, just about everything you can think of is being cancelled.

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NO IOWA STATE, NO TOURNAMENT After the Cyclones loss in the BIG 12 tourney, officials decided to cancel the entire tournament as a sign of respect.

Or because of the Coronavirus but that’s less fun. #ReigningChamps.

NO SURPRISES HERE Much like everything else that’s getting cancelled, spring football at Iowa State is also being affected.

WHAT TO LOOK FORWARD TO While spring football is being disrupted at the moment, it’s still exciting to see whats to come for our offense next year.

NOW A LOOK BACK 5 years ago yesterday was the day Monte Morris became the entire state of Texas’ father with one of the best moments in program history.

GUESS I’LL WATCH PAINT DRY More and more leagues continue to feel the wrath of COVID-19 as the BPL announced they will also be suspending their season.

WHAT DO WE DO NOW? The NBA season is a lot like reality TV when it comes to the drama and entertainment value, and there’s a large void left with the season suspension.

SPORTS NOT YET FULLY DISRUPTED With the virus bringing almost every single sport to a screeching halt, these are some events that are still scheduled to take place in the next month.

SPREADING THE LOVE Kevin Love made a huge gesture in light of the news of the NBA season suspension.