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The Mid-Morning Dump: Life Without Sports

Ya’ll ready to watch marble rolling and darts?

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DON’T HURT SWEET PRINCE GEORGES. Check out how Georges Niang is being affected by the Coronavirus.

ISU FOOTBALL CONTENT. Let’s take a look at what to expect from ISU’s tight end room in 2020.

SPORTS FOREVER CHANGED? This interesting article looks into how we interact with sports moving forward.

SCHOOLS CANCELING ALL SPRING SPORTS. This can’t be a good sign for other universities and possibly high schools.

I HATE YOU. Donovan Mitchell wasn’t very happy with Rudy Gobert.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL WHAT IFS. Would Iowa have failed to make it to the second weekend once again? Would the Big 12 get another team to the Final Four? We’ll never know. Except that Iowa question. First round loss, easy.

WHEN WILL THE MLB RETURN? Hint - Probably in June.

KIRK COUSINS SECURES BAG. AGAIN. Man, Kirk Cousins has a really good agent.

PRESCOTT FRANCHISED TAGGED. What happens next with Prescott and the Cowboys will be fascinating.

NFL DRAFT A GO. But you can’t physically go to it, of course.

NEED SPORTS IN YOUR LIFE? Try marble racing!

NEED GAMBLING IN YOUR LIFE? Never fear! You can now bet on the weather!