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Step Into My Office: T-Lew

The enigma of Terrence Lewis

Iowa State v Oklahoma State Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

To put a bow on this college basketball season, we’re once again diving into a classic series of ours where we ask each returning Cyclone to “step into my office” to review the season that was, and take a shot at what next season could look like for them.

Either totally absent from games, or a major contributor off the bench, Terrence Lewis had a rollercoaster of a year. A lack of minutes, some stellar play, and what I would do if I was T-Lew.

Season at a Glance

Terrence Lewis was a junior this year, and besides Solomon Young, he’s the most experienced active Cyclone on the team. Lewis is an offensive minded wing who was brought off the bench, sometimes, for a scoring punch. His number was often called after the likes of Caleb Grill and Zion Griffin.

The questions start with Terrence Lewis’ playing time. Sometimes Prohm would have him play almost 20 minutes, then the next game, maybe the last two minutes while the Cyclones were blown out. There was a constant lack of consistency for T-Lew’s minutes.

As a fan, it was incredibly frustrating to watch him not get chances. This team needed offense desperately, and Terrence Lewis proved that he could provide points. None of the guys being called above him were lockdown defenders either, which made the decision to not play him even more troubling.

The Numbers

Lewis average 6 points, 2 rebounds, and half an assist for the season while shooting 51% from the field. While those numbers don’t jump out at you with the adversity ridden season, and a lack of meaningful minutes, those stats aren’t terrible.

He strung together two really good back to back games in early February against Kansas State and Oklahoma. He scored 12 points and 17 respectively. He also shot above 75% from the field in both games.

Lewis had 7 games where he had 6 minutes or less, and 11 games where he had 14 minutes or more. There was little in-between with him, and I’d go on to say you’d be hard pressed finding someone with the variation of minutes per game that Lewis had this season.

2020-2021 Season Outlook

It’ll be interesting to see if Lewis follows the route of Zion Griffin and looks for success next season elsewhere. This will lead to a depleted Cyclones bench, and Prohm will have to be active in the grad transfer portal himself if that’s the case.

I really hope Lewis can go to a contender next year, similar to what Isaiha Moss did this year. Moss was under utilized at Iowa, went to Kansas and became a key piece to one of the best teams in basketball.

Lewis is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Whether he finds a home in the Big 10, or maybe Marquette and stays close to his home town, I wish the best for Lewis.

If he does stay, you have to credit this guys’ dedication to Cyclone Nation, but honestly T-Lew deserves better. The guy is a bucket, he just needs the right pieces around him and the right role, I’m not sure if Iowa State can provide him that for his senior season.