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Iowa State MBB Analytics Report - Week 17 (3/2/20)

188 days until football season

photo via: Iowa State Athletics

You can read last week’s analytics report here.

Last Week’s Notable Iowa State Game News:

  • Feb. 25th: Iowa State (11-16) (4-10): 65 vs. TCU (15-12) (6-8): 59

In the Cyclones second to last home game of the season, freshman Tre Jackson had the best game of his young career. The 6’1” guard recorded a game high offensive rating of 171. He finished with 18 points on six of 10 shooting, and five assists with ZERO turnovers.

Jackson had help from big man Solomon Young, who continues to play the best basketball of his career as of late. Solo had 20 points and five rebounds to go along with three blocks on the night. Iowa State’s last big offensive performer was Michael Jacobson who recorded an offensive rating of 145 with eight points and six rebounds.

Overall, Iowa State’s combination of solid defense with five blocks and seven steals combined with its hot start offensively led to its fifth Big 12 win of the season

  • Feb. 29th: Iowa State (12-16) (5-10): 61 @ Oklahoma State (14-14) (4-11): 73

Steve Prohm and the Cyclones were not able to carry their momentum from Tuesday night into Saturday. Their starters did not perform efficiently on the offensive end of the floor. Michael Jacobson was the only offensive starter to record an offensive rating over 100. The senior’s sneaky good play continues to be one of the few positives for the Cyclones, as he scored 13 points with four rebounds.

ISU’s 17 turnovers paired with their shaky defense proved to be costly. Oklahoma State’s Cameron McGriff led the game with an offensive rating of 151, while it seemed like he couldn’t miss all day. The Cowboys hot shooting and lack of mistakes down the stretch ended up being too much to overcome for Iowa State.

Notable Iowa State Team Stats:

  • Currently 84th ranked team in the country on KenPom *(compared to 80th last week)
  • 49th in adjusted offensive efficiency (109.5) *(43rd last week)
  • 129th in adjusted defensive efficiency (100.3) *(146th last week)

Notable Iowa State Individual Stats:

George Conditt IV is:

  • 33rd in the country in Offensive Rebounding Percentage (13.8%) *36th last week
  • 19th in the country in BLK% (10.90%) *23rd last week

**no other ISU player is ranked in the top 100 of any major statistical category. (excluding Tyrese Haliburton)**

Player by Player Efficiency:

  • Tre Jackson (35 MPG)—> 12.6 USG%/7.1 PER WS: 0.5 (D+/-): [0.9]

*last week: (27 MPG) 12.7 USG%/5.9 PER WS: 0.3 (D+/-): [1.2]

  • Rasir Bolton (34 MPG)—> 26.2 USG%/15.8 PER WS: 2.1 (D+/-): [-0.5]

*(31 MPG) 26.2 USG%/15.8 PER WS: 1.9 (D+/-): [-0.9]

  • Prentiss Nixon (28.5 MPG)—> 19.8 USG%/8.9 PER WS: 0.7 (D+/-): [0.4]

*(38 MPG) 19.5 USG%/9.8 PER WS: 0.9 (D+/-): [0.1]

  • Michael Jacobson (28 MPG)—> 17.5 USG%/14.6 PER WS: 1.6 (D+/-): [0.7]

*(30 MPG) 17.5 USG%/14.2 PER WS: 1.4 (D+/-): [0.7]

  • Solomon Young (28 MPG)—> 23.3 USG%/22.6 PER WS: 2.3 (D+/-): [1.4]

* (22.5 MPG) 23.1 USG%/22.4 PER WS: 2.1 (D+/-): [1.1]

  • Terrence Lewis (17.5 MPG)—> 21.1 USG%/19.3 PER WS: 0.9 (D+/-): [-1.3]

*(15.5 MPG)—> 21.1 USG%/19.7 PER WS: 0.8 (D+/-): [-1.4]

  • George Conditt IV (12 MPG)—> 23.0 USG%/24.4 PER WS: 1.8 (D+/-): [5.7]

*(13 MPG) (22.9/24.1) WS: 1.7 (D+/-): [5.4]

  • Caleb Grill (8 MPG)—> 11.9 USG%/5.2 PER WS: 0.1 (D+/-): [1.1]

*(13 MPG) 12.5 USG%/5.4 PER WS: 0.1 (D+/-): [0.5]

  • Zion Griffin (7.5 MPG)—> 16.4 USG%/10.9 PER WS: 0.5 (D+/-): [0.7]

*(8 MPG) 16.7 USG%/11.4 PER WS: 0.5 (D+/-): [0.8]

What does this all mean?

Last week was clearly Tre Jackson’s best of his early career so far. His increased playing time was well deserved as he did lead Iowa State in offensive rating against TCU. Heading down the home stretch of the season in will be interesting to see how much Jackson continues to develop, as he could grow into a sure-fire starter next season along Rasir Bolton.

Michael Jacobson and Solomon Young continue to play at a level that would’ve been much more useful while Tyrese Haliburton was still healthy. Young’s play is definitely a positive heading into next season.

George Conditt IV continues to play at an incredibly efficient level, therefore 12 minutes a game is a bit confusing for the sophomore big man. If he could merge into the big man rotation closing out the season, Cyclone fans will have a lot to look forward next season, with Xavier Foster coming in and Young and Conditt returning.

Even though Iowa State continues to struggle finding wins, there is still some positives to look forward to next season, and we can only hop Tyrese Haliburton will see that as well.

Previewing Week 18:

Iowa State will close out the regular season with two very win-able games. They begin Tuesday night vs West Virginia, who has been on an absolute free-fall losing six of their last seven. The Mountaineers are still a projected tournament team, and they rank as third best team in the country in defensive rating. They even still rank as the 14th best team overall according to This has a chance to be a great win for the Cyclones heading into the off season.

ISU heads to Manhattan, Kansas to close out the regular season, and to put it simply there is no reason they should not win this game. The Cyclones are much more talented and Kansas State ranks as the worst team in the conference according the KenPom. The Wildcats are predominantly a defensive team, but they are not good enough to worry too much about it.