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The Mid Morning Dump: BIG 12 CHAMPS

Iowa State did not have a good trip to Stillwater.

TOUGH LOSS Iowa State lost another road game down at Oklahoma State.

LOW LIGHTS Not a lot of great stuff in this package.

BIG WIN Ashley Joens scared a career high in a home win over West Virginia.

BIGGER WIN The Iowa State Men’s Track and Field team is Big 12 Champs!!

ONTO WARMER WEATHER The softball team lost a close one to Georgia State 1-0.

THAT’S OUR BOY Steven Wirtel is a beast.

DON’T TRY A VET Trae Young tried to nutmeg Trevor Ariza and this is what happened.

IT’S MARCH What does the bubble look like with just a couple weeks left?

YIKES Is he staying or is he leaving?