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The Mid Morning Dump: Quarantine Twitter is Electric

We desperately need sports back

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AN EXODUS IS HAPPENING IN AMES with departures both expected and unexpected.

TERRANCE LEWIS IS HEADING INTO THE TRANSFER PORTAL and as most people thought, this move isn’t all that surprising.

ASHLEY JOENS HAS ADDED ANOTHER ACCOLADE in being named to the All-American Honerable Mention team.

SOUTHEAST POLK 2022 PROSPECT XAVIER NWANKPA WAS IN AMES SATURDAY and here’s why the possibly highly touted recruit values his ISU offer.


BASKETBALL IS OVER (PROBABLY) so I, like many others are asking ourselves, “where does the NBA go from here?”

NFL FREE AGENCEY IS DOMINATING THE NEWS CYCLE and there are a few key players left on the market, here’s the best left by position.

THE NBA HAS CHANGED DRASTICALLY in it’s lifetime, so what are attributes once viewed as flaws that are now assets?

NO NCAA TOURNAMENT? NO PROBLEM. What would the tournament look like if decided via fan fiction?