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Wide Right ReCYcle (Ep. 1) - Iowa State vs Oklahoma State 2014 Rewatch

It’s time to take a trip down memory lane on our newest podcast series.

Smddee and ryanstivers join jakebrend32 on the inaugural episode of the Wide Right ReCYcle. In this episode, the guys take a trip back to March 8, 2014 to rewatch the Iowa State vs Oklahoma State game.

Inspired by other podcasts, the show has a few segments. What has aged the best and worst, what ifs from the game, the Hollywood Award, the Donovan Jackson Nut Grab Award, and the hottest take you wish you had during the game.

It’s to listen and look back on a game from a time ago while stuck in quarantine without live sports.

Stay tuned to WRNL for all Cyclones coverage.