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The Mid-Morning Dump: Something, Something, Tiger King

Joe Exotic is a hawkeye

POLLARD TALK Jamie Pollard wrote out another letter addressing Cyclone fans, updating how things are going in Ames.

BE STILL MY HEART A couple of all-time greats. Let that nostalgia sink in.

RANKING SZN If the college football season does happen there’s a good chance the Cyclones start it ranked.

ALL-TIME LITECAST Folks, the Litecast has out done themselves. We think you’ll enjoy this one.

TOKY-OH NO The 2020 Summer Olympics have been postponed to 2021 as of this morning. The last time the Olympics were canceled was in 1944 due to second World War.

TB IN TB Tom Brady headed to Tampa Bay, but a bunch of moves were made in NFL free agency last week. Here’s a rundown.

SWEET CORONAVIRUS Neil Diamond remixed his classic ‘Sweet Caroline’ with a bit of a current events spin. Wash your hands folks.

TIGER-HAWK KING No spoilers, but this isn’t quite the guy I’d want representing my team

98.3 VIBE OF THE DAY We need something upbeat today. Although the subject matter isn’t sunshine and rainbows, the piano is infectiously optimistic. Also, this is the clean version, so it is SFW. That is, if you’re not working from home anyways.