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The Mid Morning Dump: The Days Are All The Same

Quarantine has you blue? We’ve got all the links to fix that.

WE’RE LIVING IN A SPORTS-LESS WORLD so to try and fill that gap, here’s Ames own Travis Hines with a great mailbag.

HE MAY BE MOVING ON but Tyrese Haliburton (now a friend of the program) had time to stop by and talk basketball with our Litecast gang.

FOOTBALL NEWS IS A LITTLE SLOW but here’s your chance to get to know WR coach Nate Scheelhaase:

TAKE A LOOK AT SOME POSITION PREVIEWS — Here’s the outlook on linebackers this year.

NO LIVE SPORTS MEANS NOW IS THE TIME TO LOOK BACK — The Ringer staff put together 40 classic games and events to re-watch during this hiatus.

THE OLYMPICS ARE CANCELED and it’s the latest gut punch in a long line of them this month.

TODAY WAS SUPPOSED TO BE OPENING DAY FOR BASEBALL but instead, we all have to celebrate at home: