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The Mid Morning Dump: Twitter Fingers

With no sports to follow, we were treated to some Twitter beef yesterday.

SHOTS FIRED Georges Niang continues to show that he always shoots at a high percentage, not just on the court.

Go get em’ Georges.

CAMPBELL MADNESS It’s down to the Sweet 16 in Campbell era moments on the football programs twitter account.

FOR THE FUTURE Two of ISU women’s basketball incoming recruits have been named Wisconsin’s POY, as well as Kansas’ POY.

BLAST FROM THE PAST 4 years ago yesterday, the Cyclones poured it in during the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

There were 6 NBA players on that squad for those counting at home.

THE DRAFT SHALL GO ON The NFL announced yesterday that the draft will go on as scheduled. I can only hope that everyone still finds a way to shower Goodell with boos when he enters frame.

HIGHLIGHT HEAVEN With sports coming to a stand still, we’ve been treated to more sports montages than ever before. Now its Kevin Durants turn.

A HELPING HAND Drew Brees became the latest athlete to help fund families in need of help during the pandemic.

WHERE DO THE AWARDS GO? Typically the end of the season is where we really find out who deserves individual honors like Most Improved Player. Luckily someone else did it for you.

ON THIS DAY 7 years ago today my Chicago Bulls cut the Miami Heat’s incredible 27 game win streak short. Here are the highlights.

JUST STAY HOME Jon Jones was arrested yet again yesterday. You can only imagine how different his career would be if he could stay out of trouble.