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WRNL is turning 10 years old, and we want you to celebrate with us

Come drink and celebrate with us this spring.

Folks, your favorite Iowa State fan site is about to turn ten years old. That’s right. We made it an entire decade on the internet. Despite the best efforts of Iowa’s ANAL program, alarson’s porn gifs, and a mountain of other shenanigans, the internet gods have spared our humble blog long enough for us to see our hormonal pre-teen years.

In order to properly celebrate the milestone, we’re hosting a big ass party at Es Tas Bar & Grill on May 16th, starting at 7 PM. What will be going on at this party? First, most of the current WRNL staff, as well as a number of previous members, will be there to celebrate, so you can come up and heckle us in person like you’ve been waiting to do for all these years.

Obviously heavy drinking will be involved. We’ll post some drink specials as we get closer, but the main attraction will be the all-new Es Tas/AHF mugs that will get you $4 Busch Light mugs literally any time of any day of the week (that Es Tas is open), not just Mug Night.


We want to turn this into a giant tailgate, so we’ll have bags boards, beer pong, and flippy cup to entertain us throughout the evening. We’re also going to have a ton of prizes we’ll be giving away, including lots of Bad Kick apparel. Here are few things we’ll have, but this isn’t an exhaustive list. We might even have some limited edition stuff...

However, the grand prize of the evening will be this beauty. A custom AHF/WRNL beer pong set, including a table, red cups, and ping pong balls.

So, if you can make it to Ames for our party, we’d love to see you, then probably not remember any of it the next morning.