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Bacon Bits: Iowa State Football Recruiting Notes (3/9/20)

Iowa State is hitting the 2022 class hard right now.

Hi all. I’m same the member in a different role. Our friend Derek left us for bigger and better opportunities. In doing that, he left a void in our recruiting coverage at WRNL. On his way out the door, he was my Jedi master and taught me everything he knew.

I’ll be taking over the Wide Right & Natty Lite recruiting network with the Bacon Bits series, and I’m also currently coordinating Recruit Scouting Reports for the incoming class of 2020.

Without further to do, Iowa State had a busy week on the trail with a junior day this past weekend where they offered a few Des Moines kids and they were also all over the country with various offers for 2021 and 2022. I was able to catch up with a few of the offers.

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New Offers

as of 3/9/20 at 10:15 am CST

2021 3-Star OT Jacoby Jackson (Arlington, TX)- “I’m really excited about Iowa State and being able to get recruited by them! The program is definitely moving forward each year! And I’m excited to see them at their full potential.”

2021 3-Star Lake McRee (Austin, TX)

2021 3-Star OT Jmarion Gooch (Seymour, TN)

2021 CB Maxwell Greedy Hairston (West Bloomfield, MI)- This Iowa State offer is HUGE for me! A dream school of mine.”

2021 S Ty Williams (Muskogee, OK)- I’ll have to check Iowa State out I heard it gets mighty cold up there (lol)”

2021 RB Chris Phillips (Saint Petersberg, FL)- “I’m just in disbelief. I wouldn’t think Iowa State would ever be interested in me. It’s a wonderful coaching staff from the things that I have heard, every single one of them was wonderful so I’m going to be looking more into this program.”

2021 OT Branson Yager (Grantsville, UT)- I am extremely honored and grateful for the offer. I don’t know a ton about the program but I am looking forward to getting to see what it’s all about.”

2021 TE Fernando Garza (Katy, TX)

2021 OT Micah Pettus (Harvest, AL)- “I don’t know very much about them, I was just excited they are interested.”

2021 OLB Aidan Ralph (Chicago, IL)

2022 QB Jaxon Dailey (Des Moines, IA)- I really enjoyed the whole experience, I was excited to be there the entire time. It is also a big honor to receive an offer from Iowa State.”

2022 OT Gunner Givens (Daleville, VA)

2022 TE/DE Keahnist Thompson (Lakeland, FL)

2022 TE Eli Raridon (Des Moines, IA)

2023 OL Kadyn Proctor (Des Moines, IA)- “It was very exiting when I got the offer because I actually sat down with Coach Campbell and got the offer straight from him.”


Alex Probert The transfer kicker from Liberty was in Ames two weekends ago.

Dailey, Proctor, and Raridon were all on campus for the junior day visit and they all got scholarship offers while in town.