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Litecast: Transfers, Tigers, and School Lunch, Oh My!

Bored? Don’t worry, we are too.

This edition of the Litecast features plenty of discussion on the things you care about the most: Tiger King.

In addition to discussing the motley cast of characters that occupy the most bizarre and compelling show on television, the gang also attempted to identify the few normal characters on the show (a difficult task to be honest).

On a more serious note, the crew took a moment to discuss how social distancing has affected our work and personal lives, and how we have handled the unexpected and unwanted luxury of down time at home.

Steve Prohm is looking for transfers, and the Litecast has you covered on that front! This episode also features a rundown of all names associated with the Cyclones as Steve Prohm attempts to bring balance to the roster.

To close, the Wide Right Movie Minute featured a scathing review of The Joker, along with which movies the Litecast members are currently watching.

Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to subscribe to the Litecast where ever you get your podcasts! Unless we aren’t on those platforms. Then you would need to find us on a different platform and then do the subscribing.