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The Mid Morning Dump: Athlete of The Year Edition

Female athlete of the year, and everything cardinal and gold related during the pandemic.

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THE ACCOLADE OF ALL ACCOLADES Cyclone distance runner Cailie Logue is your Female Athlete of The Year.

JACK OF ALL TRADES A uniquely athletic Missouri football stud makes his commitment to Iowa State.

LIGHT IT UP Lots of love was shown to some of Iowa’s essential workers last night.

THE FULL BREAKDOWN If you love basketball and Tyrese Haliburton but also happen to have a free half hour this is the perfect video for you.

STRENGTH IN NUMBERS Everyone loves a good twitter poll, if you haven’t voted already for the best fans in the nation make sure you cast yours.

ATHLETES PLAYING OTHER SPORTS You didn’t know you needed to see basketball stars bowling 11 years ago, but now you do.

LET ME RUN THE TEXANS The Houston Texans made another move in free agency, and needless to say it wasn’t amazing.

ON AND OFF THE COURT The players only 2k tournament rages on and a certain point guard showed he never turns it down.

JUST... HOW? Simone Biles is one the of the greatest athletes of all time.

ONE OF THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME One year ago yesterday, Dwayne Wade played in his final game for the Heat. Here’s the highlights.