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The Mid-Morning Dump: Happy Monday

Will today be the day we finally get Cyclone Basketball news?!

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DRAFT DECISIONS. This unprecedented quarantine adds a layer of intrigue to prospects evaluating their NBA future, which is thankfully straightforward for Tyrese Haliburton.

CYCLONES LAND NEW STRENGTH COACH. Steve Prohm is shaking up his coaching staff a bit.


MAGGIE VICK > MICHAEL VICK? Regardless, here is a nice article on WBB recruit Maggie Vick.

WE ARE SO BORED THAT THIS IS NOW NEWS! Apparently Drew Brees signed a contract with NBC Sports even though he is playing football for two more seasons.

WE ARE SO BORED THAT ESPN IS ANALYZING THE NBA HORSE CHALLENGE. Honestly, this is something they would normally do.

TUA SAYS HE ISN’T CONCERNED ABOUT INJURY. Honestly, what else would he say?

WATCH BRETT FARVE BEAT THE PACKERS. Everyone knows Brett’s best season was actually in Minnesota.

32 PICKS, 32 TRADES. Peak Mock Draft content right here.

GRANT WAHL GRIPED. Grant Wahl lost his job.

CORONAVIRUS CLAIMS LIFE OF SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHER. Anthony Causi, 48, passed away due to Covid-19.

NBA DISCUSSING 25 DAY PLAN. This plan is designed to get their players in shape, and I’m positive it was sold to them via Facebook message from a high school friend.