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The Mid-Morning Dump: Help Out Our Friends at Cyclone Fanatic

To add to the disappointment that has been the transfer portal, we were treated to lovely April snowfall.

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TIMES ARE TOUGH and our friends over at Cyclone Fanatic need your help. Here’s a link to their Patreon.

TIME TO CALL CAMPBELL Due to the lack of early success in the transfer portal, ISU’s numbers may be limited going into next season.

WILL THE THRILL Thankfully we got treated to some highlights from one of my favorite Cyclones of all time.

SPREAD THE LOVE The Cardinal and Gold landed a commitment from a promising recruit, make sure to welcome him to the best fan base in sports.

A PIONEER Jalen Green is going to be the first of many to skip college to go straight to the G-League.

GET YOUR WALLETS READY Find out the what Vegas thinks your favorite and least favorite teams odds are to win next years Superbowl.

HIS AIRNESS AIRS IT OUT Michael Jordan will undoubtedly have some incredibly stories to tell in his 10 part special, but what do we want to hear the most?

A GOD AMONG MEN I’ve lost count of the amount of times I personally have tried and failed this during tailgate season.