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The Mid-Morning Dump: Pray for Patriots fans

No... please don’t, I was kidding.

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THROWBACK VIDEO O’ THE DAY Sports were cool.

THE PORTAL There are surprisingly still transfers remaining on the open market.

KEEP EM’ COMIN Iowa State football has offered Brayden Dudley, a defensive end in the class of 2021.

A SCHOOL OF LEADERS Iowa State has announced the 2020-2021 SAAC Executive Board.

GRONK The reigning WWE 247 champ will be reuniting with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay.

TWITTER VIDEO O’ THE DAY Michael Jordan’s 5’8’ brother Larry had MAD HOPS.

MADDEN CURSE?? The reigning NFL MVP is expected to grace the cover of the most repetitive video game of all time.

COLIN COW(TURD) Mr. Cowherd has confirmed once again, that he has never watched sports before.

THE LAST DANCE Reggie Miller was quoted saying, “I Might Punch Jordan If I Saw Him In Public Today” on a recent Dan Patrick interview.