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The Mid-Morning Dump: Draft Night Hangover

The completely online NFL draft was one to remember but also one to forget at the same time.

DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH Iowa State added another player to the 2021 recruiting class.

Make sure to go show Myles some love.

REMEMBERING THEIR ROOTS Our Cyclones in the NFL shared what their time at ISU meant to them on Twitter.

IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS Pollard and Co. spent some time yesterday showing love to the Ames community.

NO SURPRISES HERE Not like you needed to be told this, but Joe Burrow is officially this years #1 overall pick.

OK MAYBE ONE SURPRISE In a rather uneventful draft night, the Green Bay Packers made a shocking move.

ALRIGHT MAYBE TWO SURPRISES With cameras in the homes of hundreds of NFL personnel there was bound to be some interesting shots.

ROLLING FOR JOY I’m happy we still got treated to at least one priceless draft night reaction.

GET UP TO SPEED Thankfully the good people over at The Ringer have already put together a first round recap for you and me to sink our teeth into.