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Iowa State Football UDFA Tracker

No Cyclones were drafted in the 2020 NFL Draft, but that doesn’t mean their football career has finished.

Jared Larson / Wide RIght & Natty Lite

After long snapper Blake Ferguson of Louisiana State was drafted by the Miami Dolphins, hope for Steven Wirtel being drafted went out the window.

However, Wirtel was the first Cyclone who has signed a UDFA contract with the Detroit Lions.

The next Cyclone to sign a UDFA was East-West Shrine Bowl participant Julian Good-Jones.

Following the signing of the former Cedar Rapids Warrior, one of my favorite Cyclones of all time is taking his talents to South Beach. (Nice pic, Ray)

Josh Knipfel and Marcel Spears Jr. would join forces in Cincinnati. One to perhaps block for the number one overall pick (way cooler than blocking for Tom Brady to be honest), and the other to make sure the Ames native meets the comforting Astroturf in Dayton.

Pending any other Cyclones being picked up by teams as a UDFA, you’ll hear about it here!

Update: 2:30 p.m. April 27

Matt Leo, who wore a different number than 89 at the 2018 Media Day, has been picked up by the Eagles.