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The Mid Morning Dump: My New Favorite Challenge

Twitter and Hy-Vee’s liquor store are the only things keeping me sane at this point.

BEST CHALLENGE OUT THERE With everyone being stuck inside their homes, it has birthed some new challenges and this one is my new favorite.

KEEP THIS ONE AWAY FROM CAROL Our own John Walters gave Kevin Harlan a run for his money when it comes to the best cat commentator.

INSIGHT ON TYRESE Halliburton will soon join the growing list of Cyclones in the NBA. Here’s a sneak peak on a future piece about the future star.

STARBURY NEVER STOPS The streetball icon is finding ways he can help during the pandemic.

THE NEXT HUMAN HIGHLIGHT REAL It’s no secret the highlight capability that Lamar Jackson possesses, and he’s been showing it off since high school.

MAKING HISTORY One year ago yesterday Russell Westbrook became the first NBA player since Walt Chamberlain to record a 20 20 20 game. Here are the highlights.

THE BEST OF THE BEST Every NFL team has high and lows when it come to drafting, Bleacher Report went ahead and showed us the highs over the past 10 years.