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The Mid Morning Dump: The NCAA Is Droppin’ Bags

The NCAA has said, “get the money, dolla dolla bills ya’ll.”

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WANT TO GET TO KNOW MORE ABOUT TYLER HARRIS? Matthew Bain spoke to his AAU coach about his choice to leave Memphis and end up in Ames.

STURDY PURDY IS GOING TO HAVE A HIGH BAR FOR EXPECTATIONS this year if his projection is already this high.

2021 KANSAS CITY PROSPECT JAYLIN NOEL has whittled this list down to only two schools, Iowa State and Nebraska.

THE RINGERS KEVIN O’CONNER HAS SOME THOUGHTS ON THE 2020 NBA DRAFT including some rather high praise for one former guard named Tyrese Haliburton.

IT’S JERSEY WEEK HERE ON SBNATION. Here’s a link to the “Best, worst and weirdest” from the main page, but if you want something geared solely towards Iowa State, here’s ours!

THOUGHT YOUR NFL TEAM WAS GEARED FOR A RUN? Not quite yet says, Danny Kelly. There’s still nine teams left with roster fixes needed.

IF A BIG 12/PAC 12 MERGER NEVER COMES TO FRUITION, then what team from the West could ever stand a chance to win a football title?

DROPPIN BRINKS TRUCKS. The NCAA has finally decided to allow players to be paid for their likeness and image. Shout out to the biggest Bag Guys in the world now.