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The Mid-Morning Dump: Spelling Is Hard

Use spellcheck, kids.

BARSTUL SPORETS Iowa State Barstool released a graphic that apparently didn’t get reviewed by an editor, or spellcheck, or a smart-ish 2nd grader

TIK TOK I’m old enough to remember when TikTok was just a banger song by Ke$ha. Now the app is all the jazz with the young folk. Here’s a look at Purdy’s footwork.

REDUCE, REUSE The ReCYcle podcast went back to 2000 to reexamine the Elite 8 loss to Michigan State. Before my time, but you can hear the pain.

HARD KNOCK LIFE Hard Knocks is planning to cover both the LA Rams and LA Chargers for a supersized version of the HBO training camp hit series.

LET’S PLAY BALL MLB officials are hopeful to resume play during May.

DRAFT MONTH We’re still two weeks away from draft day, but here’s a QB prospect I’ve never heard of that’ll go top 10.

NO SPORTS CALENDAR If you’re done with Tiger King, and Ozarks, here’s SB Nation’s TV guide to a sport-less April.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK This one is a throwback, but not the one I’m used to posting. Found by full time Iowa State sports historian Jared Larson. Enjoy.