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The Mid-Morning Dump: Big 12 Projections

An opinionated look at the potential makeup of the Big 12 next season, as well as the canceling of a major sporting event.

BIG WINNERS NEXT SEASON? Check out a potential look into what could be the final standings of next years Big 12 standings.

CERTIFIED BUCKET Marial Shayok was in the zone against Kansas State last season.

Talk about clutch.

FOR YOU AMES FOLK Story County reopens today to the general public, here’s a little reminder of how you should still continue to conduct yourself while out and about.

SO GRACEFUL If you were unaware, a Cyclone gymnast had a top 25 performance last season.

LLWS IS OFFICIALLY CANCELLED For the first time in its illustrious history, the Little League World Series has been shutdown.

AN UNDERRATED MOMENT As a Bulls fan, I used to despise everything and anything Lebron would do. But even I can’t deny how cool this is.

WE’ER ALL GOING TO DISNEY WORLD The NBA is considering a very interesting neutral site if the season returns.

WHO’S THE BEST IN THE GAME TODAY? This tweet has me wondering, who would Lebron face up against in the next Space Jam?