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The Mid-Morning Dump: BREAKING College Athlete Receives Illegal Benefits To Attend School

A Tale As Old As Time

HEY MAMA Iowa State put out a video of the football moms this Sunday celebrating Mother’s Day.

HEY MAMA PART II Top 5 NBA prospect, and friend of the litecast, Tyrese Halliburton took a step back from the limelight and talked about his superhero: Brenda Halliburton

BRINGING SEXC BACK I bet you didn’t think you’d read an article about cross country recruiting today, well you were wrong. Congratulations to Ames’ own Noah Kohut-Jackson

TWISTER SISTERS Bill Fennelly has done a wonderful job on the recuriting trail. Get to know the women that make up the number 8 recruiting class in the nation.

HOPS FOR BREAKFAST These kids and their Tik Toks. Anyways, David Carr can get UP!

DUKE’D I hope you’re sitting down. There is talk that blue blood basketball schools have been doing illegal things during the recruiting process. I, for one, am shocked.

THE ONLY BIG THING Sports aren’t back, but they are at least on the horizon. SVP breaks it down.

BASEBALL-ISH Sports may be back soon, that doesn’t exactly mean things will be normal. Here’s everything to know about MLB’s new proposal.

MJ HATES ______ One of the biggest takeaways from ‘The Last Dance’ is that MJ hated EVERYBODY. The Ringer put together who they thought MJ would hate if he played today.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK If you got my “Hey Mama” subheading reference at the top, I applaud you. If you didn’t get it, take a listen.