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The Mid Morning Dump: As Always, We Do It Best

Iowa State leads the nation in bringing athletes back to campus.

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BABY STEPS Sports are going to comeback eventually, and our favorite university is already making progress in returning to normalcy.

IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME Construction continues at Jack Trice Stadium.

CHUCK BRUCE HYPE David Montgomery is headed into his second NFL season and it looks like you can expect to see more out of him.

HONORS IN THE OFF SEASON Our medical staff garnered some well deserved praise from the Big 12.

EVERY GAMBLERS DREAM I’m sure these guys spent their money on completely legal products after this.

RECORDS ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN Baseball is home to some outstanding records, but which one is the most untouchable?

HITTING DIFFERENT One thing I was not expecting from ESPN’s The Last Dance is how good the soundtrack has been.

NOT A SITUATION YOU’D WANT TO BE IN Two NFL players are suspected to be involved in some GTA like crimes.

CLASSIC KOBE The Mamba never minced his words with his teammates.