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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Last Last Dance

Michael Jordan’s propaganda series is over

BIG GET FOR MATT CAMPBELL. Grad transfer defensive back Greg Ross has committed to the Cyclones.

CROOTIN’ UPDATE. Iowa State has gotten another commitment from Colorado safety Beau Freyler.

HINES MAILBAG. Read it and weep.

BUNDESLIGA IS BACK. Which means sports are back!

NASCAR IS BACKSCAR. Racing is the thing we all needed, and NASCAR was very happy to oblige.

JOHN OLIVER WARNS BRING SPORTS BACK IS COMPLICATED. Personally, I could care less what John Oliver has to say about sports.

REPUBS WANT SPORTS. Check out this interesting piece from FiveThirtyEight on sports coming back.

GOLF IS KIND OF BACK? TaylorMade’s Driving for Relief featured four golfers raising money, and it was a really cool event.

RETRO MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. Really cool idea honestly.

LAST DANCE RECAP. Winners and losers from the 10 part Michael Jordan TV show.

BRIDGES CALLS OUT MJ. And wants to play him one on one.

DID 1998 HAVE TO BE THE LAST DANCE? ESPN tries to answer that question.

DID JORDAN PUSH OFF? Let Bob Costas have the last word.