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Coach Duggs Makes No Friends In Regular Season Finale

Texas Tech boo’d off Jack Trice after running up score

College football season is over, and even worse, no one is sure when it’s starting. For now, Big Cat, co-host of Barstool Sports’ ‘Pardon my Take’ podcast, has taken college football by storm. Coach Duggs has been the face of Twitch since Big Cat dusted off his NCAA 14 disc, and started up the Xbox 360. Just to show you how much traction this thing has, here’s Iowa State’s official football account tweeting about it this morning.

Game Summary

Texas Tech came into the game 8-3 and the 21st ranked team in the country. They would need a win, and a TCU loss to Kansas (lol) in order to win the Big 12 championship. Iowa State came in at the bottom of the Big 12, 1-7 in conference play, BUT the Cyclones have a 4-7 overall record which means Iowa State won every non-conference game.

Gunnar Wesson is the Jameis Winston of the Big 12. Although he leads the conference in touchdowns and yards, he can also be the best player for the opposing defense on any given game.

Texas Tech would start the game off with an 80 yard touchdown pass on their first play from scrimmage to tight end Frank Pickett. Soon after, Iowa State would be forced to punt, and Coach Duggs would start his HB wheel barrage to Ricky Squeaks.

14-0 Texas Tech and the much hyped ‘trap game’ seemed to be all for not. Then things would get uglier than a front lawn in Lubbock, Texas. Turnover, after turnover, after turnover, after... you get the idea.

Texas Tech had 7 turnovers from the end of the first quarter till the start of the third quarter. Four interceptions, and three turnovers. And after all of that, Iowa State only had on field goal to show for it. A once incredibly confident Coach Duggs seemed to be reeling after Iowa State would finally capitalize on a turnover.

Iowa State fullback, Isaac Kirkpatrick would get a touchdown on the option with under 4 minutes to go in the quarter. Cyclone quarterback, Donnie Hudson, completed the 2-point conversion to make it a 14-11 game.

Then Coach Duggs would go to his Pablo Sanchez of cheat codes, (Look that up if you don’t get the reference, Pablo could rake) HB wheel routes for a demoralizing 80 yard drive, and a touchdown that put the game away with under a minute left.

Then, the unthinkable. Duggs would opt for an onside kick up 11 with 26 seconds to go. Call it poor sportsmanship, call it bush league, call it overcompensating. The Red Raiders would recover, and score another touchdown in garbage time. If nothing else, to confuse the FBS ranking system into thinking Texas Tech didn’t steal this game from Iowa State.

Texas Tech would leave Jack Trice with no dignity, and anyone who watched this game knows Iowa State was the better team. “Style Points” would end the game 30-11.

Texas Tech’s marching band miraculously escaped the nasty atmosphere amidst chaos after Coach Duggs decided to run up the score in a classless act. Sources say they simply listened to Jack Trice staff on which exit they should go to, smart move.

Regardless, Matt Campbell a good sport as always had nothing but respect for Coach Duggs, going to twitter after the game.

Even after that loss, Coach Duggs is built for the Big 12 and may have found his niche in rebuilding programs. There’s a team in Ames that could use a facelift after a 4-7 regular season, finishing last in the Big 12.

Coach Duggs will take on Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl tomorrow night on Twitch.