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Litecast: The Last Last Dance

I mean, at least we are getting Golf and NASCAR back, right?

Thank you, The Last Dance, for giving us something sports related to look forward to in these dark, dark times.

In this episode of the Litecast, CYHusker, Ryan, Austin, and Dylan but a lengthy bow on a popular and somewhat controversial at times documentary on Michael Jordan, which included picking winners and losers, trying to understand the psyche of MJ, and a discussion on what we would have changed about the docu-series.

The crew also discussed the current sports that have resumed play, and more importantly, which of these sports are you most likely to bet on? A discussion on the return of sports everywhere was entertained as well, though prospects still do not look all that rosy for a timely return of professional sports.

Thanks for listening, and be sure to tune in next week for a special episode on all-time Iowa State basketball heels: players who gave the Cyclones nothing but trouble over the course of their careers.