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The Mid Morning Dump: I Have Horace Grant Fatigue

Can we stop putting a mic in front of this guy?

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NOT A DRY EYE IN THIS HOUSE. Iowa State released this video as a promo for the yearly Tailgate Tour.

LEAD BY EXAMPLE. How Jamie Pollard and Iowa State athletics are working to re-open sports for the state of Iowa.

ROLL OUT THE CARDINAL CARPET. Coach Matt Campbell continues his Process.

A FAKE TOUR FOR REAL RESULTS. Some takeaways from last nights Virtual Tailgate Tour.

NEW YORK. NEW YORK. My best friend in life, Tyrese Haliburton, was on The Jump yesterday discussing all things NBA Draft, including the fact he may end up on the Knicks.

BIG GOGGLES MEANS BIG TALK. Horace Grant can’t seem to stop claiming he wasn’t the one ratting on Mike, which leads me to believe he absolutely was.

SOME THINGS DESERVE A DEEPER LOOK. One of those being how the hell the Pelicans have one of the best line ups of the last decade.

SO EN VOGUE. Re-drafts, watching old games, drafting all time greats. That’s all we’ve got right now. So here’s redrafting the 2017 NFL Draft.

DOMINATION IS AN ART FORM. So here’s the 25 most dominate college hoops players of the last 50 years.

I MISS PETTY TRASH TALK. So here’s a great moment in NBA trash talk history.