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The Mid-Morning Dump: That’s One Pricey Virus

Tons of talk about when sports may finally return, but at what cost?

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OPEN YOUR POCKETBOOKS Needless to say athletics have been hit by the pandemic, and it could hit ISU where it hurts most.

GAME CENTER ACTION More Cyclone legends looked back on another classic victory.

READ WHAT MATTER Before the paywall, Coach Campbell’s defensive improvements and innovation were highlighted in this article.

GAINED A GOOD ONE Now former dual threat ISU QB has announced where he’ll be transferring to.

THE MISSING SPLASH BROTHER But can he do it at Cy’s after a day of tailgating?

MO’ MONEY MO’ PROBLEMS Coronavirus is prepared to take a Dr. Evil sized sum of money out of professional sports.

I’M ALL FOR IT NFL Owners are faced with a vote on something that could change the game for years to come.

THE TRUTH Paul Pierce has some hilariously bad sports takes which has caused him to get some hate, but we can’t forget the player with the ultimate “old man at the Y” game.

SOME MONEY SOME PROBLEMS Dak Prescott wants to be the highest paid QB in the league, despite ever actually winning anything.