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The Mid-Morning Dump: Nothing Worse Than a Tuesday After a 3 Day Weekend

It’s basically Monday

ISU LANDS COLEMAN-LANDS The DePaul grad transfer picked Iowa State, and will be immediately eligible.

LETS GO WAY BACK The ReCYcle pod dived into the 1992 home game against Oklahoma State.

THERE GOES MY HERO Memorial Day has came and went, and the unofficial start of summer is here

IF YA AINT CHEATIN, YA AINT TRYIN Formula E driver is suspendered for cheating in racing simulator by Audi. I bet you didn’t expect to read that this morning.

THE BIG TIPPER Cleveland Cavaliers big man, Andre Drummond, left a $1,000 tip for his waitress.

BRADY v. MANNING A rivalry like no other was settled on the links this weekend. Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning won by one stroke.

SUPER TEAM The Brooklyn Nets are actively shopping Bradley Beal. This may or may not have been an excuse to write about the Nets in my daily-dump.

SHE’S A BEAUTY THAT NUMBER 3 The Ringer released their newest mock draft, I think you’ll like who they have spotted at the 3 spot.

WINNING THE LOTTERY This idea has been bounced around for the NBA as well, what if the bottom teams competed for the first pick in the draft?

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK Marriage season has gotten a COVID sized wrench thrown in it, but here’s Jagged Edge to give you all those wedding reception vibes.