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The Mid-Morning Dump: Glass Half Full

Not half empty.

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GOOD NEWS? Jamie Pollard announced that he expects the football stadium to NOT exceed a 50% capacity in the fall.

HYPE TAPE Jack Trice might not be full come football season, but we can still be excited to watch from our couches.

IS IT SEPTEMBER YET? Twitter got me excited for the college football season today.

SPORTS! The NHL formally announced its plan to resume play if the league ever decides to do so.

IRON MIKE It is rumored that the 53-year old former heavyweight champion of the world could return to boxing.... why not look at his best knockouts.

TWITTER VIDEO O’ THE DAY Everyone deserves a hype-man like this.

DAME TIME Damian Lillard said that he will not play in the 2020 NBA ‘season’ if the Trail Blazers are eliminated from playoff contention.