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Litecast: Pro Sports Resuming and All-Time ISU Basketball Heels

Who are your all-time ISU basketball heels?

Professional sports are (almost) back! And boy, are we ready for them.

In this episode of the Litecast, CYHusker, Austin, and Ryan entered into a robust discussion about the NBA’s plans for returning, and discussed the NHL’s recently announced blueprint for a return to playoff hockey. The Match part 2 was also discussed, and the gang had fun picking who they would like to see in a Match part 3.

There was also (thankfully) a bevy of Cyclone-related topics to discuss, which included the genius of Jamie Pollard, the decision to move forward with a limited capacity, and the commitment of Jalen Coleman-Lands.

An all-time ISU Basketball Heels draft closed out the podcast, complete with many names you will undoubtedly be familiar with.

Our All-Time Heels:

  • Ryan: Perry Ellis, Marcus Smart, Adam Woodbury
  • Austin: Buddy Hield, Isiah Taylor, Ryan Spangler
  • Matt: Aleks Maric, Kim English, Keaton Paige
  • Honorable mentions: Jonathan Motley, Toddrick Gotcher, Aaron Craft, Wes Washpun, Willie Warren