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The Mid-Morning Dump: Everything Is On Fire

A lot happened yesterday, but let’s focus on sports to take our minds off of it for a little while.

NEVER A BAD TIME FOR THIS This is one of my absolute favorite highlights across any sport for any team.

SMART COOKIES Cyclone football players kept their heads in the books last semester.

BETTER DAYS Hilton has been home to plenty of magic over the years, and we had one of the best in 2016.

KEEP EM’ COMING Cyclone football landed a commit for the recruiting class of 2021, check him out here.

TOUGH TIMES FOR THE NCAA Big changes might be coming for the entire landscape of college sports due to the pandemic.

I NEED MORE OF THIS Snoop Dogg always makes whatever he’s commentating on a little bit better than it ever could be on its own.

FUTURE OFFENSIVE EXPLOSION The Arizona Cardinals fleeced the Texans in their trade for Deandre Hopkins, this is what he had to say about his new QB.

CHANGE IS GOOD Adam Silver has constantly been flirting with ways to shake up the NBA, what could be his next move?